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UPCR system is one among the product range of Delphi TVS with world class quality which has a wide range of applications from single to multi - cylinder engines. UPCR system can be used in 3-Wheelers, Low cost Cars and LTV's. It is capable of meeting current and future emission norms.
UPCR System Consists of:
  • Unit Pump

  • Injector

  • Rail

  • ECU

  • The current system is capable of developing 1450 bar and can be upgraded to 1600 bar.

  • Slim Pencil Like 17mm Injectors are advantageous in packaging.

  • Fast Response Injector gives close multiple injections due to low inertia.

  • Advanced adaptive strategies (13C and APC) for precise and consistent injection.

  • Fast 12 Volts ECU for efficient handling of Complex algorithms.

Unit Pump

  • Drive - engine cam shaft
  • Capable of developing 1600 bar pressure
  • Compact design
  • No sensors or actuators on the pump
  • Flexible Driving ratio
  • No external back - leak
  • Lubrication by engine oil

  • "17 mm base" body diameter with Edge filter
  • Cylinder head mounting: flats on injector body
  • Nozzle: Micro-sac
  • Corrosion resistant
  • The exceptionally low inertia of the injector enables good repeatability and injection separations down to 200µs
  • Injector characteristic in form of dot matrix coding

  • Forged tubular rail capable of handling 1600 bar
  • High pressure sensor located at the end of rail
  • High pressure valve to provide good pressure regulation
  • Flexible Internal volume
  • Optimized hydraulics for Hp inlet and outlets
Electronic Control Unit

  • Fast, Low cost processor
  • Operating voltage: 6 to 16 Volts
  • Operating ambient temperature range: -40°C to +80°C
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