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HR Value System and Belief

Human Resources Philosophy, Vision, Belief and Value System

Human Resources for a business enterprise needs a conceptual outlay to enable Business Managers to identify, plan and implement planning through manpower.  Fundamentally, business situations have changed the world over.  The rise of the intellect has been imminent.  Human Resources planning can no longer confine itself to the traditional sources for hiring and retaining.  The Human Resources of today see their roles having changed from that of a doer to that of a thinker and on most occasions, "a thinker doer".

HR Philosophy

We believe

  • In people and their unlimited potential
  • In content and focus in problem solving
  • In teams for effective performance
  • In the intellect and its power

HR Vision

To be the foundation that integrates Culture, Vision and Values and creates an environment that facilitates the maximisation of human potential.

Our Endeavour

  • To select, train and coach people to obtain higher and early responsibilities
  • To nurture talent to build leaders of our tomorrow's LIS.
  • Reward and activate all intellectual business contributions for the growth of the company.

Team (people)

The Team is headed by President and supported by Functional and Business Managers and other team members who are professionally qualified and well experience in their functions and the team continuously receives the guidance from the parent company.

To make career with us, mail your details to ramamurthy.n@lis.co.in.

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